The Rock n’ Roll Chameleon

By Andrew Ryan

On January 10th of 2016, Planet Earth lost its favorite Spaceman: the great David Bowie. The icon is hopefully remembered for his groundbreaking 1969 album Space Oddity (which cont...

Plan Your Trip Online

By Matt Stevens

Using the internet to search for travel deals is nothing new. Whether it’s finding a cheap flight, a bottom dollar hotel or a bargain tour, saving money and still having an amazi...

Adventure Tourism, or Strange Trips with Strangers

By Matt Stevens

Your friends might think you’re a little off when they ask you what you’re doing for  vacation and you say that you’re going to climb a mountain in Morocco. But when you ...

Postcard from the Edge

By Matt Conforti

Saludos from General Carrera Lake, Chilean Patagonia. I recently arrived at this otherworldly location via bicycle, a sight which only months prior was a faint possibility to reach...

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You got chocolate in my beer!

By Don Russell

New World vs. Old World Wines

By Robert Kennedy

Say Gerv? February 2016

By Gervase Peterson

A Piece of the Action

By George Anastasia

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February 2016

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