April Scott is an actress, model, TV host and fitness expert. She is best known for playing Daisy Duke in the Warner Brother’s feature Dukes of Hazzard: The Beginning. She has also appeared on the TV shows CSI Miami, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, The Shield, Entourage and, most recently, as the host of the modeling competition show Model Turned Superstar. April has appeared on numerous magazine covers and been voted one of MAXIM’s Hot 100, People’s 100 Most Beautiful People (2006), Stuff’s 100 Sexiest Celebrities, FHM’s 100 Women of the World, and Ask Men’s Top 99 Women.

In addition to her work in the entertainment industry, April is also a health and fitness expert and, as she reminded us, a mom. Recently she took time to speak with us about her life and career, and her new job as host of Model Turned Superstar, which was filmed in such exotic locations as Hong Kong, China; Phuket, Thailand; Bora Bora, Tahiti; and Punta Mita, Mexico.


April Scott

Q: Tell me a little about yourself, what is your background, where are you from?

A: I am originally from Missouri. I grew up on a small farm in a town called Campbell with 2,000 people in Missouri. I went to school for theater in Branson, Missouri. It’s a fun town, has a lot of country music.

Q: You’ve appeared in some pretty diverse roles as an actor. How grueling are the auditions?

A: They are rough. It’s definitely no joke. The casting directors are cutthroat. They are very serious about what they do, and are looking for the best of the best. When I was lucky enough to get called in for the Dukes of Hazzard they said they saw 3,000 girls or more for that role.

Q: You have also been in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. How was that?

A: That was shot here [in Los Angeles]. It was great. They are so funny and so talented. I’m a big fan so it was like a dream come true to work with those guys.

Q: You’ve also appeared in the CSI franchise?

A: Yes, CSI Miami. I got to do some of my own stunts on that show which was really fun. I was in a couple episodes of and I ended up getting killed. I get hit by a Lamborghini.

Q: Hey, if you’ve got to go…

A: (Laughs) If you are going to get hit by a car a Lamborghini is the one I would choose.…

Q: Now you’re the host of Model Turned Superstar. How is that different from modeling and acting? I assume you’re on the spot and have to think on your feet. 

A: You are absolutely right. With this show in Thailand, as soon as I got off the plane we were zip lining through the rain forest. It’s in the jungle so there are no teleprompters, it’s all just me. So it’s a totally different skill set from what I was used to in acting.

Q: You were brought in for the third episode and you carried on for the rest of the season?

A: Yes, we did our three weeks in Thailand, then we went to Bora Bora, then we shot in Mexico for three weeks, then in L.A.

Q: What’s your favorite location, if you had to pick?

A: Bora Bora, because it was so secluded, you had to get everywhere by boat. That was really fun. We landed the plane on the water when we got there and it was just a tropical paradise. The people are so laid back and beautiful. They walk around barefoot. It’s just sarongs and swimsuits, and everyone was so friendly. That’s where we swam with sharks.

Q: Was there anything between you and the sharks besides your swimsuits? No shark cage or anything?

A: No. It wasn’t like we were swimming with great whites or aggressive sharks but some of these girls refused do it. They were just like, “No way.” It was really scary. The sharks were at the bottom. You could see them below circling. I was quick in the water, like, “OK, this is great, I want to get back in the boat! You guys do your photo shoot.”

Q: How does the Model Turned Superstar competition work? 

A: Well the challenges are a mixture of athletic, or Amazing Race, kind of challenges… We always have a runway challenge each show, but a lot of it is all related to the particular city or country that we are in. We have a cooking challenge each episode where we learn to cook authentic food [depending on the locale]. A chef will teach us the local cuisine and how to prepare it. We all learn it and then the girls will try to recreate that. Then we have the judging. I’m usually a judge in the cooking challenges, and then the chef and the owner of the restaurant or someone local in the area [also act as judges]. So we all judge the winner, along with some experts in whatever the challenge is.

The challenges are fun. Sometimes they are like riding horses or making the best margarita or the best Bloody Mary. We went to this really fun place, Bloody Mary’s in Bora Bora, that’s like world renowned for their Bloody Marys. They have a secret formula and the girls try to recreate that kind of thing. Sometimes they have like ping pong challenges in Mexico.

They have two challenges a day. That means that there are a lot of challenges they have to get through by the end of the competition. The girls that are seriously competitive are the ones that usually make it through. You have to be fighting for it every day.

Q: What’s it like hanging out with a lots of beautiful models in exotic locations? I’m picturing a 24/7 party.

A: The girls come from all over the place with different nationalities. We have Russians, Ukrainians, French, Brazilians, South Africans, all these different people brought together. A lot of different languages. It’s pretty overwhelming… there are 20 or so beautiful girls [at each location] who have their own individual lives and modeling in their different countries. You would think it would be just a party all the time but some of the girls were really competitive from the very beginning and everyone is on guard. It takes a little bit before they warm up and start relaxing.

We’ve had Victoria’s Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio in two of the last episodes, along with supermodels Irina Shayk and Anna Beatriz Barros; they were all judging modeling competitions during the finale. Those are pretty cool guests, so their fans will definitely want to check out ModelTurnedSuperstar.com.