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    Ron Kyle – Promoter of the Stars

    While fans have never chanted Ron Kyle’s name at a concert or lined up outside the local record store to purchase Kyle’s latest single, millions o...

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    TOMBOY Shines Spotlight on Women in Sports

    Comcast SportsNet booking producer Rachel Micali succeeds in a male-dominated arena. When Rachel Micali was a little girl, she would frequently acco...

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    Making Life E-Z-ER

    When this writer’s young son first hears the “you kids don’t know how good you have it” speech from Dad, you can bet E-ZPass will be part of t...

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    The “Realest” Band of 2017

    “We all know that art is not truth – art is a lie that makes us realize truth.”  – Pablo Picasso 2017 seems set to go down in history as ...

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    An “Old World” Place for the Ages

    There are many great dining establishments in Philadelphia. We all know that. Many wonderful experiences have blossomed from the resurgence of the fab...