Publishers Column

Walk of Life

By Ken Dunek, Publisher

Haven’t been sleeping well lately.  My Dad is ill, and trying to help my brother Mike with him, long distance, is taking an emotional toll. So my eyes flash open at 5 a.m....

Q&A with Meisha Johnson

By Ken Dunek, Publisher

So, for some reason I have always associated passion with the color purple.  But for the life of me, I can’t remember why. So I did some research. There is a flower named ...

It’s about time

By Ken Dunek, Publisher

Devotees of this column will know that I write quite a bit about the subject of time; the preciousness of it, the fact that we all have the same amount of it and those who use it w...

Tick… tock

By Ken Dunek, Publisher

The year was 1975. I was leaving my hometown of Chicago for good, and needed some stuff. One of my first purchases was an alarm clock. Nice clock. Big display. Loud alarm. ...

Blessings and Basketball

By Ken Dunek, Publisher

Guiltily, I admit to having a life-long affair. My mistress’s name is Hoops. Blessed with above average size and hand-eye coordination, my basketball travels took me from Mare...

From the Publisher – December 2016

By Ken Dunek, Publisher

We live in an electronic age, and have so many choices to occupy our time. On Demand, Netflix, and a DVR of our favorite shows are all immediate gratification for our entertainm...

From the Publisher – October 2016

By Ken Dunek, Publisher

Charisma.  By definition, the word means a compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion. In my lifetime, names that jump off the page in the charisma departm...

From the Publisher – Aug. 2016

By Ken Dunek, Publisher

We try to stay non-political here.  Although the ownership of our parent company (New Opportunity Publishing) has strong opinions on the way our country is run, as a business s...


By Ken Dunek, Publisher

It has been said that silence is golden.  And I’ve often wondered what that meant. Might have figured this one out. Silence is meditation--going within ones self to fin...

From the Publisher – April 2016

By Ken Dunek, Publisher

I woke up from a sound nap.  My iPhone said the date was April 2016. My Twitter feed told me: The Chicago Cubs are predicted to win the World Series. Donald Trump was ...

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