Because She Can

By Kurt Smith

Patrice Banks, owner of Girls Auto Clinic in Upper Darby, is smashing a conventional wisdom held for generations…that women can’t understand cars. As guys know, women can be a...

Robert Covington: Immersed in the Process

By Dei Lynam

The phrase “Trust The Process” went from a marketing idea for a losing team to a mantra for an entire fan base excited to see winning professional basketball in Philadelphia fo...

Philly’s Champs

By Rich Westcott

On the long and often bumpy road traveled by Philadelphia’s professional sports teams, occasionally there have been some great seasons that will never be forgotten. Those were th...

Our Time

By Ken Dunek, Publisher

It's the heat I remember most. The ungodly heat. As I strapped on my gear in the cramped un-airconditioned rookie locker room at West Chester University in July of 1980, I recall ...

I’m Worried About Gary Clark Jr.

By Andrew Ryan

If you’re at all familiar with my writing, you know that I spend an inordinate amount of time (for a grown man) complaining about the lack of great guitar players currently inhab...

2018 Tech Trend Predictions

By Anthony Mongeluzo

2017 has come and gone, and we are now at the beginning of a new year. One of the questions that everyone asks me is, “What’s next?” or “What is going to be hot this year?...

Wildfires in Wine Country

By Robert Kennedy

If you’re like many of us, we bring home a wide variety of wines to cover all bases, including those from the wine country we all know and love so well, the Napa and Sonoma Valle...

Powered by Pilates

By Alexandra Dunek

A weightlifter attempting Pilates is like a football player trying ballet… not only is it the complete opposite of my daily routine, but it’s also extremely challenging, which...

Harry’s Tales

By Harry Donahue

I’ve had the pleasure of spending almost 50 years reporting on news and sports in Philadelphia. My career began with a part-time job during college in the late  60’s at WPEN R...

Master Three Men’s Health Issues

By Virtua

Men are hardwired to work hard and provide for those around them. But, in doing so, sometimes it’s easy to ignore health issues. The simplest way to maintain your health is to se...

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Go where the crowds are not!

By Robert Kennedy

The Places You’ll Go

By Alexandra Dunek

Exciting New Tech Developments on the Horizon

By Anthony Mongeluzo

Say Gerv? April 2018

By Gervase Peterson

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