The Golden Bear

By Bill Lyon

The Bear is wearing hip waders and is slogging his way through a gooey bog that is making sucking sounds and trying to drag the Bear down into its glutinous embrace while Bear is d...

Let the (Unlimited) Wars Begin

By Anthony Mongeluzo

2017 has been off to a fast and furious start with new tech gadgets, cheaper home automation and more apps than we can handle. I make many predictions about technology, but one th...

2017 NFL Draft Preview

By Mark Eckel

Mark Eckel’s Top 10 Draft Prospects 1. Leonard Fournette RB, LSU — The big back from LSU won’t be the first pick, because the running back position has become devalued. But...

NFL Draft Coming to Philly

By Mark Eckel

The last time the NFL Draft was held in Philadelphia, the Eagles were the reigning NFL Champions. Yup, it was a long time ago. Philadelphia hosted the first-ever NFL Draft a...

Say Gerv? April 2017

By Gervase Peterson

Say Gerv? My 16-year-old son just confided in me that he’s been talking to a girl and got to first base. I knew this time would come, but I’m still not ready for it. What shoul...

Tick… tock

By Ken Dunek, Publisher

The year was 1975. I was leaving my hometown of Chicago for good, and needed some stuff. One of my first purchases was an alarm clock. Nice clock. Big display. Loud alarm. ...

Where in the world…

By Dee Sader

Above: Namaste in Bolivia. Standing at 11,995 feet above sea level, on the world’s largest salt flat, Salar de Uyuni was once a prehistoric ocean. When it rains, this turns in...

The Triple Double

By Bill Lyon

It started with Oscar Robertson. The Big O. Remember? He’d set up shop out there at the top of  the key, lock on and back his man down, one bump-bump at a time and his ...

The Hart of Flyers Hockey

By Glen Macnow

Gene and Lauren Hart Each time she begins singing the National Anthem at Flyers games, Lauren Hart gazes toward the press box where her father used to sit. She makes a little no...

Taking Down the Mob

By George Anastasia

Back in the 1980s, the wife of a South Philadelphia mobster had firsthand knowledge of her husband’s involvement in two gangland murders. This did not make for a happy marital ab...

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The McCartney Anomaly

By Andrew Ryan

Just An Old Man Who Died Alone

By George Anastasia

The Golden Bear

By Bill Lyon

Let the (Unlimited) Wars Begin

By Anthony Mongeluzo

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