2018 has been off to a fast and furious start.

Technology is appearing this year that we didn’t anticipate being available until 2025. For instance, Samsung just demonstrated to the world their 30TB (Yes,terabyte!) hard drive that looks like a standard desktop drive. That inspired me to share some techbytes this month with you.

Google’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) is really smart

Google has a new algorithm that predicts heart disease by looking at your eyes. Even crazier, this new algorithm has also been proven to be able to accurately identify your age, blood pressure and whether or not you’re in trouble. The goal is to help doctors more quickly identify issues and cardiovascular risks without having to do a blood test. This exciting new technology hasn’t received official clearance yet, but don’t be surprised if sometime soon someone begins to utilize it.

Anything is hackable… anything.

Nintendo Switch has been selling better than bread, eggs and milk before a snowstorm. This device is the latest rage in gaming technology. Some clever hackers were able to find an entry and exploit the device and turn the gaming system into a fully functional computer that runs Linux. While that might sound fun and completely harmless, it exposes the game system to software piracy. Additionally, hackers will be looking for more exploits to turn the switch into a full retro gaming device that plays all the classic gaming systems, such as NES, SNES and Sega. Austin Powers might have asked “Who throws a shoe?” and I will ask “Who hacks a Switch?”

Microsoft isn’t good at selling phones

The Windows Mobile platform of phones is essentially dead. Microsoft has announced it wouldn’t be developing new features or hardware for the Windows 10 lineup of phones. To further kill the brand, Microsoft announced there would no longer be push notifications for the Windows 7.5 and Windows 8.0 phones. This will force people off the platform. Microsoft is good at many things: software, gaming, tables, and for some reason, it just can’t figure out this phone thing. My prediction is that within the next 10 years, Microsoft will give this another shot and finally figure it out.

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